Chesapeake Angler Acquired By Sportfishing Buddy, a powerhouse in the recreational fishing sector, has recently acquired

Over the years, has been an incredible resource for countless fishermen, both in the Chesapeake Bay area and in the entire country.

But now has become part of, the premier online destination for anglers seeking to improve their fishing skills.

“We are overjoyed that and Sportfishing Buddy have joined forces, and would like to use this opportunity to extend a hearty welcome to all their loyal fans to our website.” Robert Ceran (Founder at Sportfishing Buddy)

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Sportfishing Buddy has acquired in order to strengthen its already leading position in the recreational angling industry. The acquisition took place on November 16th, 2022.


The goal of was to provide information to fishermen so that they could make more informed decisions that would lead to greater success in their fishing endeavors.

They were able to accomplish this with regular Fishing Reports, up-to-date information on events occurring in the world of sport fishing, fishing tips, fishing weather updates, and publishing articles with detailed how-to fishing guides.

The level of success a fisher achieves in their endeavor is dependent on a number of factors, including their level of expertise, the baits and lures they use, the fishing rigs and tactics they employ, as well as the weather and other factors.

Because of this, it is essential to gather as much accurate information as possible to assist you in making sound decisions that will enable you to catch more fish.

About Sportfishing Buddy

Our goal is to teach anglers all around the world how to improve their fishing skills by employing the most effective fishing strategy, gear, and methods that are now available.

We are dedicated fishermen, and as such, we personally test all of the tactics and fishing gear that we write about.

Additionally, we work hard to make it simpler for our readers to manage the complexity of modern sportfishing.

And since their missions are highly congruent, it makes perfect sense to combine Sportfishing Buddy and

As a consequence of this synergy, we anticipate that the merger will provide excellent results.