Daiwa Tatula 100 Or 150 - Which One Should You Buy?


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by Robert Ceran

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Daiwa’s Tatula baitcasting reels are among the most popular low profile baitcasters on the market, especially among bass anglers.

But if you’re currently thinking about getting a new reel from this lineup, you need to choose one of their variants that’s best suited for your specific purposes, since there are significant differences between the models.

In this article we’ll compare the key features of the Tatula 100 vs 150 side by side, so you can decide which one is best for you.


Daiwa Tatula 100 vs 150 compared

 Tatula 100Tatula 150
Weight (oz)6.97.9
Gear ratio6.3:1 to 8.1:15.5:1 to 7.3:1
Retrieve rate (inches per turn)26.3″ to 33.9″23.6″ to 30.5″
Max drag (lb)1113.2
Mono line capacity (lb/yards)12/150 to 14/12514/150 to 16/120
Ball bearings88


The table above compares the most important specifications and features of the two reels side by side. As you can see, they are similar in some categories, but there are also several clear differences.

Now let’s look at the key differences in more detail.

The most important differences between the Tatula 100 and 150

Weight: This is the first area with a big difference between the two reels. While the 150 weighs 7.9 oz, the 100 only weighs 6.9 oz, making it the lightest reel in the whole lineup. Combined with the other differences between the two models (discussed below), this indicates they are intended for distinct purposes.

Bottom line: The Tatula 100 is much lighter than the 150, and is clearly designed for more lightweight applications.

Gear ratio: This is the second area with major differences. With a gear ratio of 6.3:1 to 8.1:1, the 100 has a significantly higher gear ration than the 150, which has a ratio of 5.5:1 to 7.3:1. In fact, the gear ratio of the 150 is relatively slow compared to most low profile baitcasters on the market, which suggests that it is designed for heavier applications that require more torque and less speed.

Bottom line: The Tatula 100 has a higher gear ratio compared to the other model.

Retrieve rate: Consistent with the difference in gear ratio, the 100 has a faster retrieve rate of 26.3” to 33.9”, compared to the 150, which has a retrieve rate of 23.6” to 30.5”.

Bottom line: The Tatula 100 has a significantly faster retrieval rate. Combined with the difference in weight, this indicates that it is designed for more lightweight casting applications, while the 150 is designed for more power.

Maximum drag: This is another area of difference between the two models. While the max drag of the 100 is 11 lb, that of the 150 is 13.2 lb.

Bottom line: The 150 has more drag power, with 13.2 lb max drag, as compared to 11 lb.

Line capacity: Consistent with the other differences, the 150 is designed to be used with heavier line (14 to 15 lb test mono, as compared to 12 to 14 lb test mono).

Bottom line: The Tatula 100 is designed to be used with lighter pound test line. 

Handedness: Both reels come either as left or right handed variants, and so are identical in this regard.

Ball bearings: Both reels are identical in this category, and come with 7 plus 1 ball bearings.

Now let’s look at each of the models in more detail.


Daiwa Tatula 100

This is one of the most popular casting reels for bass fishing, and with good reason. With a compact 38mm size and a feather weight of 6.9 oz it is ideally suited for casting lightweight lures. The lightness and ergonomic design of the reel make it a pleasure to cast with all day long without developing casting fatigue.

In addition to its palmable design, the retrieval action is buttery smooth, enabled by 7 plus 1 ball bearings, and casting precision driven by high end Daiwa technology, including zero adjuster spool setting.

This is currently one of the lightest low profile baitcasters on the market, which makes it ideal for finesse casting applications for bass fishing.


  • Aluminum frame
  • T-wing level wind
  • Magforce magnetic brakes


Daiwa Tatula 150

While this model looks very similar to the 100, it is a very different reel, and is clearly designed for much heavier applications. With 7.9 oz, it is much heavier, and with its slower gear ratio it can generate much more torque power during retrieval, which is ideal for fighting big fish.

In addition, the greater max drag power of 13.2 lb make it the perfect choice for battling big bass close to cover, which is further enhanced by its ability to handle stronger pound test line. 

So if you want an ideal reel for jigging, flipping, or pitching, then this is the model for you. Its bigger size and power is also ideal for casting extra large crankbaits, chatterbaits, and frogbaits. Overall, this model is perfect for power bass fishing. If you’re looking for the perfect rod to match this reel, check out our review on the best jigging rods for bass.


  • Reinforced brass gearing
  • 100mm handle with soft touch knobs
  • 7 plus 1 ball bearings



To summarize this review: the Tatula 100 is significantly lighter and faster than the 150, which makes it a better choice for finesse casting applications. 

On the other hand, the increased drag power, slower retrieve rate, and ability to handle stronger pound test line, make the 150 ideal for power bass fishing applications, such as casting extra large lures, and battling big fish close to cover.

If you’re looking for a high end model for bass fishing, you may also want to take a look at the best Abu Garcia baitcasting reels.


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Robert Ceran

Robert Ceran

Robert grew up fishing for crappie and bluegill as a young boy, and later graduated to the pursuit of bigger game. He loves participating at bass tournaments all over the country, whenever he’s not on one of his fly fishing trips to Canada. Robert started writing when he was just 17, and is now our chief wordsmith at Sport Fishing Buddy.

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