Zebco Bullet Vs Omega Pro Reels - What Are The Differences?


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by Robert Ceran

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If you’re currently looking for a high end spincast reel, then the Zebco Bullet and Omega Pro reels are among the top models available. But in order to decide which one of them to buy, you need to know their most important features, and what distinguishes them from each other.

In this article we compare the two spincast models side by side, and discuss their most important differences.


Zebco Bullet vs Omega Pro – what are the differences?

 Zebco BulletZebco Omega Pro ZO2PROZebco Omega Pro ZO3PRO
Number of ball bearings977
Gear ratio5.1:13.4:13.4:1
Retrieve rate (inches per turn)29.6″14″19″
Weight13.9 oz8.1 oz10.6 oz
Mono capacity (yd/lb)90/1085/685/10
Build materialAll metalAll metalAll metal
Drag systemDial adjustable disk dragDial adjustable disk dragDial adjustable disk drag
Anti reverseInstantInstantInstant
Pre-spooled line10 lb6 lb10 lb


The Omega Pro comes in two variants, the ZO2PRO and the ZO3PRO. The table above compares the specs and features of both of these models with the other reel next to each other.

As you can see, some of their features are similar, but others are clearly different.

Now let’s dive further into the most important differences between the two series.

The most important differences between Zebco Bullet and Omega Pro

Ball bearings: This is the first area with a significant difference between the two series. While the bullet has 9 ball bearings, both Omega Pro models only have 7, which results in a noticeably smoother action when you compare their action side by side.

Bottom line: The Bullet has smoother retrieval action compared to the Omega Pro, due to two additional ball bearings.

Gear ratio: While both Omega Pro models have a gear ratio of 3.4:1 (which is medium speed for spincast reels), the Bullet has a much higher gear ratio of 5.1:1. This is a very fast speed for spincast reels, which is part of the reason for its very high retrieve rate (see next point below).

Bottom line: The Bullet has a much higher gear ratio than the Omega Pro, making it a lot faster.

Retrieve rate: The Bullet has a whopping retrieve rate of 29.6 inches per turn, which is faster than either Omega Pro model, and is in fact faster than any other spincast model on the market (as well as many baitcasters and spinning reels). This difference is due mainly to the higher gear ratio, as well as to its larger spool size. 

In comparison, the Z02PRO has a retrieve rate of 14” (less than half as fast), and the ZO3PRO has a retrieve rate of 19” (still over 10” slower per turn).

Bottom line: The Bullet has a much faster retrieve rate than the other series, making it the fastest spincast reel on the market.

Weight: This is another area with significant differences. With 13.9 oz, the Bullet weighs more than a pound, and is significantly heavier than the ZO2PRO (8.1 oz) and the ZO3PRO (10.6 oz). If weight is important to you, then you need to take this into consideration.

Line capacity: The ZO3PRO has less line capacity than the other two models, and is clearly designed for more lightweight applications with lower strength line.

Build material: All 3 models are built entirely with metal, and so are similar in this category. The metal build makes them more durable and resistant to warping under pressure.

Drag system: All 3 models are identical in this category, with a triple-cam dial-adjustable disk drag.

Anti reverse: All 3 models are identical in this category, with an instant anti-reverse gear.

Pre-spooled line: While the Bullet and the ZO3PRO are pre-spooled with 10 lb monofilament line, the ZO2PRO comes with 6 lb mono, indicating that the ZO2PRO is intended for lighter applications than the other two models.

Now let’s look at each of these models in more detail.


Zebco Bullet spincast reel

This is the most advanced spincast model produced by Zebco, and the company has clearly put a lot of effort into making it better than competitor models. With 29.6 inches per turn it is faster than any other spincast reel on the market, and none of the other models even come close to this. So if you’re a fan of high speed lure presentations, this is a great option to use.

High speed lure retrieval is a great way to catch open water saltwater species such as salmon, striped bass, mackerel and kingfish. The size and power of this model make it ideal for this kind of fishing. It’s also great for big freshwater species such as pike, walleye, and muskie.


  • Big handle with two GripEm knobs
  • Changeable left- or right handed retrieve
  • Oscillating quick-change spool
  • Micro 3mm line guide
  • Comes with spare spool for quick line change


Zebco Omega Pro spincast reel

Improved version of the standard Omega model, which is noticeably lighter, weighing 20% less. This is a smooth and powerful spincast model that comes in both a light and heavy version (the ZO2PRO and ZO3PRO, respectively). If you’re looking for a high end lightweight spincaster, then the ZO2PRO is the right choice for you. We chose this model as the best Zebco reel overall

Both Pro models come with a spare spool, and two distinct handles – one for power (with one knob) and one for speed (with two knobs). The handle can be mounted either on the left or right side, so you don’t need to worry about handedness.


  • Two different handles for speed or power
  • Aluminum body and covers
  • Brass pinion gear
  • Ceramic pick up pins
  • Durable all-metal construction



Zebco is famous for producing some of the best spincast reels on the market, and their lineups range from budget friendly models that cost less than $10, to high end models around the $100 price point.

The Bullet and Omega Pro reels clearly belong at the high end of the scale, with the former being the undisputed top of the line spincast reel on the market today. And in terms of pricing, it is just $10-$20 more expensive compared to the Omega Pro fishing reels, making it an ideal choice for high speed casting applications targeting large saltwater and freshwater species. On the other hand, the ZO2PRO is a lot lighter, making it a better choice for more lightweight applications.

If you’re interested in looking at high quality spinning reels in the same price class, check out our review of the best spinning reel under $100.


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