Abu Garcia Vendetta Vs Veritas Rods – What Are The Differences, And Which One Should You Buy?


by Robert Ceran

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If you’re in the market for a new Abu Garcia rod, then two lineups that immediately come to mind are the Vendetta and the Veritas, which are both available as spinning and casting variants.

In terms of pricing, the Veritas is a little more expensive, with a price point that’s 20-40 dollars more than the Vendetta.

Both fishing rods are built with carbon graphite technology, and many of their specifications are broadly similar.

Because of this, you may be asking yourself: which one is better, and which one should you buy?

In this article we’ve compared all of their most important features, and discuss the main differences in full detail, to help you choose the best one for your purpose.

Abu Garcia Vendetta vs Veritas rods compared – what are the differences?

ImagePriceLengthActionPowerGuide typesLure ratingLine rating
Vendetta spinning series6'3" to 7'4"Moderate fast to fastMedium light to medium heavyStainless steel1/8 to 3/4 oz.6 to 14 lb
Veritas spinning series6'3" to 9'6"Moderate to extra fastMedium light to medium heavyTitanium1/8 to 3/4 oz.6 to 14 lb
Vendetta casting series6’3″ to 7’6″ Moderate to fastMedium to heavyStainless steel1/4 to 1 1/2 oz.8 to 30 lb
Veritas casting series6’10″ to 9' Moderate to extra fastMedium light to extra heavyTitanium1/4 to 2 1/2 oz.6 to 30 lb

The table above summarizes the most important features of both rod series side by side.

So what are the main similarities and differences between both rod series?

In terms of different fishing rod types, both series are available as either casting or spinning rods, which means you need to choose which one you prefer.

If you’re not sure about that, take a look at our article on casting rod vs spinning rod compared.

They are made with graphite blanks, although the strengthening technology used in each case is different (see below for more detailed discussion).

Both rod series can be used for roughly similar types of fishing. They are ideally suited for medium weight spinning and medium to heavy casting applications.

Now let’s look at the most important differences in more detail.

The most important differences between the two series

Blank material and construction: Both rods are made with 30 ton graphite, which is at the high end of blank tonnage. Because of this, it generates a very lightweight blank that is also very sensitive.

In order to make these lightweight graphite rods more durable, Abu Garcia have developed several strengthening technologies.

In the case of the Vendetta, they use IntraCarbon technology, while in the case of the Veritas, they use Sublayer Armor.

The latter method results in more strength and durability, but is somewhat more expensive than IntraCarbon technology. 

Bottom line: the graphite blank of the Veritas is stronger and more durable than that of the Vendetta. 

Length: The Veritas series includes more extra long rod sizes, and goes up to 9’ in the spinning series, and all the way to 9’6” in the casting series. This makes it ideal for applications that require more rod length, such as catfish rods, bass pitching and flipping rods, etc.

For an in-depth discussion of the best rod length to choose, take a look at our guide on fishing rod length.

Action: The Veritas series covers a great range of rod actions, ranging from moderate to extra fast, while the Vendetta only offers moderate fast to fast. For some applications it’s better to have a more moderate action, while for others you’ll want the extra fast action. This is possible with the former, but not the latter lineup.

For more insight into rod action, you can refer to our fishing rod action guide.

Power: While the two spinning lineups are identical in this regard, the Veritas casting series covers a wider range of rod powers, ranging from medium light to extra heavy. Again, this means you can use it for a wider range of applications than the Vendetta casting series.

To get the full scoop on fishing rod power, take a look at our article what is fishing rod weight rating?

Guide types: The Veritas has titanium line guides, while the Vendetta comes with stainless steel guides, and both of them have zirconium inserts. Needless to say, titanium is more durable than stainless steel.

Handle material: The handle design and EVA material is very similar between the two series, so there’s no big difference in this regard.

Line rating & lure rating: Both rod series are the same in these categories.

Now let’s look at the different lineups in more detail.

Abu Garcia Vendetta spinning rod review

This is a lightweight graphite rod that uses multi directional carbon fiber meshing (called IntraCarbon technology) to strengthen the rod. Lightweight carbon blanks are notorious for being brittle, which is why you have to get them from a reputable company that knows how to overcome this weakness. The contour curve handle design is highly ergonomic and the rod feels well balanced.

This is a really good bass spinning rod for beginners, which is not only reliable and easy to use, but also comes at a highly competitive price.


  • High density EVA grip
  • Micro click reel seat
  • Extreme exposure reel seat
  • Contour curve handle design

Abu Garcia Veritas spinning rod review

This is one of the most famous rod lineups from Abu Garcia, and has been continuously improved over the years. Many anglers use this as their go-to rod which is at the more affordable end of the price scale. 

The Sublayer Armor strengthening technology helps to make this one of the most durable lightweight carbon rods on the market, which makes it great for targeting larger fish species.

It’s also great for powerful hook setting, which is something that every bass angler needs to think about. This is why we included this model in our best drop shot rod review.


  • Titanium alloy line guides
  • High density EVA grips
  • Ratcheting reel seat
  • Hook keeper

Abu Garcia Vendetta casting rod review

This is a great casting lineup for medium to heavy applications, and can handle lure sizes up to 1 1/2 oz. As such, it makes an excellent all round casting rod that’s affordably priced. The fast action combined with heavy power is perfect for bass fishing with big lures.


  • High density EVA grip
  • Micro click reel seat
  • Extreme exposure reel seat
  • Contour curve handle design

Abu Garcia Veritas casting rod review

Similar to the spinning lineup, this series goes up to more than 9 feet length. The extra long rods are great for catfish, or for bass fishing in cover, especially if you want to use flipping and pitching techniques with jigs or frogs.

This model is also a great choice for chatterbait, which is why we included it in our review of the best rod for chatterbaits.

The power on this series goes up all the way to extra heavy, which is perfect for powerful hook sets during bass fishing in thick cover.


  • Titanium alloy line guides
  • High density EVA grips
  • Ratcheting reel seat
  • Hook keeper

Final remarks

Abu Garcia is famous for producing some of the finest fishing gear, including top quality fishing rods. They were founded in 1921, and so have been on the market for almost 100 years, which speaks for itself in terms of consistency. 

To summarize: both rod series are very high quality, and would make a good choice. 

But when it comes down to strength and durability, the Veritas has the advantage, due to the Sublayer Armor strengthening technology of the carbon blank. This can make a big difference when it comes to fighting big fish, or for those extra hard hook sets that are necessary while bass fishing.